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Gifts Company


Gifts Company


Gifts company refers to various social organizations, in order to design, production and sales of gifts, gifts and souvenirs for the core business of the company. Gifts to attract people, people have curiosity, must have features, update faster, which is the gift company's product development and comprehensive capabilities is a test. With the rapid development of economy, the rise of the gift industry, the industry more competitive, companies in order to attract customers to take a variety of promotions, gifts then played an important role.


A great gift company should have the attitude and sense of service for the customer is able to know how to protect the interests of its clients, in order to serve the specific measures to help customers achieve gifting purposes. Service and innovation capacity is a prerequisite for the company's gift to stand out in the major gifts, and we must continue to innovate to improve the gifts.


Red Gift since its inception committed to providing a convenient and comprehensive gift customized services, we have a variety of digital printing equipment, to provide gifts engraved name services to enable the recipient to bring extra joy, especially for a small customer orders, send as a gift of thanks purposes. We are convinced that the integrity of service, quality products and professional attitude is the best gift we give our customers.



Business Gifts


We have over 100 gifts in stock for single piece order and delivery in seven days. For a gift to fully convey your best wishes, we have a diversity of digital printing devices to imprint your name on the gift, helping bring extra delight to your intended recipient. This solution is tailored for customers to order gifts in small quantities as an expression of gratitude. Moreover, most of our gifts ship in boxes imprinted with your business name to enhance your corporate image. We also welcome industry peers to order and distribute our gifts.



Promotional Gifts


At, you have quick and easy access to our amazing store of over 1,000 gifts, most of which are tagged with selling prices and printing service fees that may vary based on order quantity as well as specification details for your comparison and selection according to your budget and needs. With thousands of samples in store, we are ready to send you samples for your reference and examination upon request. Open to visit anytime, our showroom is poised to give you specialist advice face to face.



Custom gifts


Our gift consultation and planning team is well equipped to provide you with a comprehensive array of gift design concepts and plans based on your needs. We offer services in the following areas: concept feasibility study, costing, reference samples, designing and proofing, specification sketches, contract drafting, production management, safety certification, quality check, and logistics. At your request, our logistics department can deliver gifts to your intended recipients in Hong Kong, Mainland China, or beyond via Hong Kong Post in large quantities or via express delivery.



Purchasing Service


To help you address the risks and difficulties in sourcing from Mainland China, we are focused on offering a complete range of professional purchasing and production management services. Our printing house in Shenzhen provides a package of services that range from processing, printing and packaging to quality inspection, export commodity inspection and shipping. If requested, we can provide valid tax invoices, certificates of origin, safety certificates, and export licenses necessary for export from China to another country through our mainland branches.