Air India Limited-Leather Briefcase

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Air India thanks the senior customers' supporting for over the years, specifically bought a leather briefcase as a gift to the customers. Air India represents not only a company's reputation, but a dignity of the country, so the Air India has been to improve the attitude to serve passengers from around the world, so that make passengers love it. The leather briefcase is made of the finest leather materials, which highlight the noble nature of the customer. The gift with the black design is simple fashion, which clearly printed Air India logo on the bag and it can well play a promotional role. The airline is to protect people's lives and safety of a business, so Air India does their best and hopes to get accepted by the community.

Air India is India's national airline and India's largest airline. Air India won the Reader's Digest Trusted Brand Gold Award. It was originally founded in 1932, the name at the beginning when it was founded Tata Airlines, was a division of the Indian industrialist Tata enterprise. In 1953, the government decided to intervene the transportation nationalization, Air India has become the state-owned airline, authorized to operate international routes.

Company: Air India Limited
Area: HK
Industry: Logistics | Transport
Product: leather briefcase